Mexico reduces orders for COVID-19 vaccine to give it to other countries: AMLO

UN asked countries that have contracts with Pfizer to reduce their deliveries to make them available to the poorest countries

Photo by: Imagen de torstensimon en Pixabay

During his tour of the state of Guerrero, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that Mexico agreed to reduce the delivery of doses of Pfizer vaccine, so that poorer countries can obtain them.

The United Nations (UN) asked Pfizer to reduce deliveries to the countries it has contracts with, so that there would be no "hoarding". These would be made available to the organization and they would be responsible for distributing it to the poorest countries. Clarifying that these will be replenished to the countries where they are reduced.

Faced with this situation, Mexico agreed: "We agreed with that, that they would lower [the quota] and then they would restore what is due to us," said AMLO.

He assured that this will not affect the National Plan Vaccination plan against COVID, since Mexico has multiple options:

"[This ] will not change our plan, because we are already looking for other vaccines, not just Pfizer. We are already in negotiations so that a vaccine called CanSino, from China, begins to arrive; and a vaccine from a Russian laboratory, plus an AstraZeneca vaccine, from the University of Oxford. So we are going to have enough vaccines," he said.

This plan seeks to vaccinate almost 130 million inhabitants in the country, which is expected to end in March 2022.

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