Churches, gyms and casinos among those establishments that can reopen in Baja California

Find out when and with what capacity these and other activities can be reopened in the state

Photo by: Danielle Cerullo en Unsplash

The head of the Ministry of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico, announced the activities that will reopen in the state despite being at a red light on Covid-19.

Among these activities are gyms, religious centers and casinos (in Mexicali), however these will have to wait a few more days since their protocols are being detailed, so once this process is finished they will be able to resume.

According to the head of this agency, the gyms could be open between Wednesday and Thursday, the religious centers between Thursday and Friday; and the casinos are still to be confirmed, but all of them will return with a 25% capacity.

The rest of the activities that will be able to reopen are:

Professional sports (closed door)
Cinemas, theaters, museums and cultural events (25%)
Shopping centers (25%)
Other events such as family reunions (nuclear family only)
Hotels (30% with common areas)
Open air rooms
Restaurants and cafeterias (30%)
Hairdressers, beauty salons and barbershops (25%)
Parks (25%)
Markets and supermarkets (50%)
Public transportation (50%)

The verification of protocols in restaurants and cafes will now be reviewed only by the epidemiology area of the Health Secretariat, said Pérez Rico.

He also mentioned that the activities that will close are also being analyzed, which were open and are not complying with the corresponding measures. Among these, he pointed out swap meets. "I ask everyone to comply with their protocol fully," emphasized the Secretary.

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