Baja California close to reaching 39 thousand COVID-19 infections

In the last 24 hours 394 new cases of coronavirus were registered in the state

In the last 24 hours Baja California registered 394 new cases of COVID-19, 188 of them reported in Tijuana, 81 in Mexicali, 58 in Ensenada, 39 in San Quintín, 12 in San Felipe, nine in Tecate and seven in Rosarito.

In addition, 53 new deaths were also added due to this disease, 25 of which occurred in the border city, 17 in the state capital, eight in Ensenada and three in San Quintín. Thus, the region closes the week with 38 thousand 995 coronavirus infections and 6 thousand 406 deaths.

So far, Mexicali is the municipality where most people have tested positive, after accumulating 15 thousand 372 confirmed cases. Regarding those who have lost their lives, most of them occurred in Tijuana, with a total of 2 thousand 835.

In addition to remaining under red light, Baja California still has 1,478 active cases, most of which are concentrated in Tijuana (565), Mexicali (431) and Ensenada (197).

Although hospital occupancy, intubated patients and suspected cases are decreasing, the head of the Ministry of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico, stated that "we are losing the battle", since the Effective Reproduction Rate (ER) continues at one, when it is recommended to be below this figure, which is part of the indicators that allow us to move forward or backward in the COVID-19 epidemiological traffic light chart.

As of Friday morning, the municipality where the virus is reproducing the most, according to this index, is San Felipe, since its RT is at 1.53, which means that one person with coronavirus can infect two more.

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