Baja California

Baja California will continue to be on high alert for COVID-19 this week.

"In two days we will break the mark of 40 thousand confirmed cases", said the Secretary of Health of the state.

In the COVID-19 epidemiological traffic light chart of the federal government, Baja California is under orange color, however, this morning the head of the Secretary of Health of this state confirmed that it will remain in red color.

This is due to the fact that the number of active cases is still very high, totaling one thousand 489 as of this Sunday, most of them located in Tijuana where 636 cases have been accumulated.

According to Dr. Pérez Rico, the increase in these cases is due to the fact that rapid COVID-19 tests continue to be performed in the different health institutions, thus achieving more results in less time (30 minutes).

On the other hand, in the last 24 hours, 307 new cases were registered in Baja California, 119 of these belonging to Tijuana. In addition, of the 29 people who recently died from COVID-19 in the region, 14 also occurred in the border city.

So far, the accumulated positive cases are 39 thousand 547, with Mexicali being the municipality with the highest number of infections, with 15 thousand 507 of this total. "In two days we will break the mark of 40 thousand confirmed cases," said the Secretary of Health.

Regarding the 6 thousand 477 unfortunate deaths registered so far in the pandemic, 2 thousand 865 were reported in Tijuana. But an average of 20 Baja Californians die every day from COVID-19, according to Pérez Rico.

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