The Government of Baja California is already seeking to acquire anti-COVID vaccines on its own.

Authorities commented that they expect to have an answer within the next 72 hours from the pharmaceutical companies contacted.

Photo by: Composición creada con fotos de Michael Gaida en Pixabay y Maksim Goncharenok en Pexels

So far, Baja California has received close to 13 thousand COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer in two shipments. The first with 9 thousand 750 doses and the second with 2 thousand 925.

According to the head of the state's Health Secretariat, Alonso Peérez Rico, on Saturday the doses corresponding to the second shipment were completed, vaccinating 98% of the first line of health personnel and leaving 27 thousand health workers pending to be vaccinated. This is why the third batch is expected to "continue" with the vaccination in the region, which is expected to be in mid-February.

On the other hand, the Secretary informed that the government of Baja California has instructed the Ministry of Health to engage in negotiations with pharmaceutical companies that produce the COVID-19 vaccine.

"The State of Baja California has initiated talks with two pharmaceutical companies that have and can provide COVID-19 vaccine, which are those authorized by the Mexican government, by Cofepris, specifically Pfizer and AstraZeneca; and as soon as we have a little more concrete information, in the next 72 hours, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we will begin talks precisely with representatives of these pharmaceutical companies to see the way for the state to obtain the vaccine and start the vaccination in addition to the National Vaccination Plan that we have planned for Mexico City", explained Pérez Rico this Sunday during his daily report.

According to the doctor, there will be information on how much vaccine the entity will be able to acquire on its own, and approximately when it could arrive.

Let's remember that this stems from the fact that the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, authorized any company and local government to acquire vaccines to apply them in the country. This in contradiction, and hours after the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, prohibited the governors of the different states of the country to purchase the vaccine since the vaccination campaign is a national strategy and not per entity.


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