Baja California

Seventh Winter Storm to enter Baja California

Low temperatures and rainy days are expected this week with the arrival of the Seventh Winter Storm to Baja California.

The entrance of the Seventh Winter Storm to the northern part of Mexico, together with the Cold Front number 31 will cause a very cold environment for the state of Baja California, as well as in the states of Chihuahua and Sonora.

In B.C., heavy rains (25 to 50 millimeters) and intense winds that could become "tolvaneras" (strong winds) ranging from 31 to 37 mph are expected. Waves of up to 3 meters in height are also forecast for the western coast of the state.

It has also been confirmed that we will again have a possible fall of slush in the mountains and mountainous areas of Baja California, in addition to predominantly cloudy weather in the last week of January 2021.

In the city of Tijuana, the temperature that will hover around the region tomorrow will remain between 46° and 53° F and although it is forecast that the rains will not remain in the region throughout the week, it is certain that the cold weather will remain, so it will be necessary to take precautions and dress warmly to leave the house.

A third storm is expected to begin on Thursday, January 28, where precipitation will increase significantly and temperatures are also expected to drop radically, even down to 41° F.

Civil Protection recommended citizens to protect themselves from sudden changes in temperature and to remain alert to any indication given by the authorities in the region.

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