Mexico remains worst country to live in during a pandemic: Bloomberg

Out of 53 countries surveyed, Mexico is the worst to be in during the pandemic.

Photo by: Anelale Nájera

This Tuesday, Bloomberg released an investigation in which it highlighted which countries are the best to be in during this pandemic, but also which are the worst. Among the best was New Zealand, which has only one detected active case.

There is also Singapore, Australia and Taiwan, even China, which is where the pandemic started, is in fifth place. Now, which are the worst? The Czech Republic, South Africa, Colombia, Argentina, and the one that has been catalogued as the worst of all: Mexico, our country. And why is this? According to the research, it is due to poverty, since more advanced economies such as Germany and the United States have improved their capacity for testing and have invested in the health sector to prevent deaths on time.

These advantages are not found in Latin America, which so far has been the most devastated by the pandemic, not only in terms of the number of infections and deaths, but also economically. This region occupies the last places in the list studied, that is, the worst places to be during the pandemic.

Mexico is in the worst position of the 53 countries studied. This is due to the fact that the number of positive tests is 41.1%, which "suggests that undetected infection is widespread," according to the research. In fact, Mexican officials themselves have accepted that the numbers are higher than estimated (this includes deaths and cases).

In addition, the fact that they have limited diagnostic testing suggests that infection among the population is higher than believed. Another thing that influences, is that as it happened with Trump or the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Mexico has minimized the threat of the pandemic despite the 150 thousand deaths.

According to Cynthia Arnson, director of the Latin American Program at the Wilson Center for Scholars in Washington, it has been the lack of social safety nets and a solid public health system that have worsened the crisis in this country, in addition to the "arrogance" of its rulers.

With information from Bloomberg


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