Baja California: hospital occupancy due to COVID-19 goes from 77% to 31% in one month

The traffic light for this indicator is now green.

Photo by: Hospital General de Tijuana

As it has been reported, Baja California seems to be facing the COVID-19 pandemic in the best way in the last weeks, with decreasing figures.

This morning, the head of the state's Secretariat of Health, Alonso Perez Rico, reported that hospital occupancy in the state went from 77% to 31% in one month, achieving to move to a green coloration in the traffic light of this indicator.

"The fact that we are in green coloration in the hospital occupancy traffic light does not mean that we are in green", he clarified, and added that, "in this indicator we are in green, but only in one, not in the ten that are used to establish the national traffic light, nor in the 43 that we have in the state".

In addition, as he reported, the region has 651 beds available and 209 ventilators statewide to continue facing the current health crisis.

Meanwhile, the number of patients hospitalized today due to coronavirus in Baja California is 245, and 97 more are intubated. According to Perez Rico, in the case of the latter, 30 days ago there were 194.

"It does not mean that we are going to change color, and if we change color we are going to change from red to orange, we are not going from red to yellow or from red to green, that does not happen, it is not possible", he said.

Currently, the Effective Reproduction Rate (ER) is 0.69, which, as it is known, means that a person with COVID-19 in the state can infect one more person. Because of this, the Secretary asked not to gather.

As of Thursday morning, 773 cases are still active, of which 302 are located in Tijuana, 209 in Mexicali, 154 in Ensenada, 50 in San Quintin, 32 in Rosarito, 13 in Tecate and 13 in San Felipe.

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