Restaurants to operate at 75% next week in Baja California

The change of traffic light from red to orange allowed the capacity of this and other activities to increase in the state.

Thanks to the fact that COVID-19 indicators in Baja California projected a favorable outlook for the state, authorities confirmed the change of traffic light from red to orange as of this Monday, February 15 in this entity.

Due to this, several activities will begin their week by increasing their capacity, according to the Secretary of Health, Alonso Perez Rico.

Among the businesses that will significantly increase their capacity on this occasion were restaurants, cafeterias and hotels, with 75% of the allowed capacity.

According to the head of this agency, the hotels will renew their protocol guidelines in order to be able to comply with the capacity mentioned above.

The rest of the activities that were already open will remain as follows:

-Gyms, swimming pools, sports centers, spa and massage centers: 65%
-Cinemas, theaters, museums and cultural events: 50%
-Shopping centers: 50%.
-Religious centers, churches, temples, synagogues and/or mosques: 50%
-Salons with gardens: 50%
-Hairdressing salons, beauticians
-Hairdressing, esthetics and barbershops: 50% -Parks, squares and other spaces: 50%
-Parks, squares and open public spaces: 50%
-Markets and supermarkets: 50%
-Public transportation: 50% (the use of masks and goggles is recommended)

It is worth mentioning that professional sports continue to be allowed only behind closed doors, while massive events, fairs, concerts, amusement parks, bars, nightclubs and closed halls are still restricted.

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