Baja California registers apex date for the second wave of COVID-19

Authorities hope that with the support of the population this will also be the apex of the pandemic for the state.

According to the report presented this morning by the Secretary of Health, Alonso Perez Rico, Baja California is on the right track thanks to the co-responsibility of the population and its follow up to the prevention measures against COVID-19.

He pointed out that the state has registered January 4 as the "fixed" date when the apex of suspected cases of the second coronavirus wave was reached by registering more than 700 cases, and gradually descending after that day.

"Unless we all start to go out and we all take off our masks and we have a terrible rebound, this is going to be the apex of the second wave and we hope it will be the apex of the pandemic for Baja California," he said.

Perez Rico assured that the downward trends continue and that "of those who come for COVID syndrome, the results are having less than 60% of positivity, therefore we are decreasing in number of active cases, number of hospitalizations, number of intubated patients; in general we are decreasing in a continuous and constant way in all the indicators" he said.

As of today, the number of patients hospitalized due to this disease is 161, while those who are fighting for their lives with a ventilator are 84, when a month ago there were 180. In general, hospital occupancy in the region is 21.60%, much lower compared to 30 days ago when it was 69.86%, according to the report of the head of this agency.

In spite of this, the pandemic is not over yet, the cases that were active last Thursday total 618, of which 243 are located in Tijuana, 197 in Mexicali, 98 in Ensenada, 34 in San Quintin, 28 in Rosarito, 12 in Tecate and six in San Felipe.

Since the beginning of this health crisis, 42 thousand 689 Baja Californians have been infected by COVID-19, as well as 7 thousand 137 who lost their lives.

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