This week will start with heat for Tijuana

Civil Protection warned of ultraviolet radiation incidence

This Saturday, Tijuana's Civil Protection published from its official Facebook account the weather conditions that are expected for the city for the next few days. They report, according to regional weather monitoring and forecasts, the week will be characterized climatically by the following:

-We will have dry, mild and clear conditions, although light winds are possible, especially in the mountains and in some valleys. This will prevail throughout Sunday which will have a high of 73°F and a low of 50°F.

- From this Sunday until Tuesday there will be an increase in temperature. On the other hand, they warn that during those days a high incidence of ultraviolet radiation is expected. Therefore, Civil Protection issued the following recommendations:

-Protect yourself from sudden changes in temperature.
-Protect yourself from solar radiation (direct or indirect) and avoid as much as possible its exposure between 10:00 and 16:00 hours.
-Do not throw garbage in riverbeds, streams or public roads.
-Keep away from billboards or tall objects such as: poles, trees, palm trees, as well as electrical, telephone and data cables and wires that may fall due to strong winds.
-Follow the recommendations made by the Health Authorities and the Civil Protection Department.


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