11 cases of COVID-19 variants have been detected in Mexico

The border city accumulates 165 active cases out of the 453 registered in Baja California.

The Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (INDRE) has already detected 11 cases of different COVID-19 mutations, according to information shared by the Director of Epidemiological Surveillance of Non-Communicable Diseases, Gabriela Nucamendi Cervantes, at a press conference held at the National Palace.

Based on the daily report on the development of the pandemic in the country, the official stated that 6 of the diagnosed infections correspond to the variant originally discovered in the United Kingdom, while the rest belong to strains such as the Brazilian and South African.

Regarding the states where these infections have been found, Tamaulipas has 3 cases of the British mutation, as well as Nuevo Leon, while the other cases are in Jalisco, one of them of the common Brazilian variant and the remaining 4 of the E484K strain of the mutations originated in Brazil and South Africa.

Experts assure that the strains detected, which are characterized by their high level of transmission, could affect the effectiveness of the anti-COVID vaccine currently being administered by the Mexican government.

After the existence of four people infected with the E484K mutation was reported in Jalisco, the University of Guadalajara has decided to initiate a Molecular Epidemiological Surveillance System for SARS Cov-2, based on samples from infected patients, in order to design and subsequently carry out effective control strategies against the variants.

"It is important to know how patients' symptoms are behaving. At the moment, the cases that were detected were not serious and that gives us peace of mind, but there are few samples (...) It is still not enough to say what the implications of this could be", stated Jose Francisco Muñoz Valle, rector of the University Center of Health Sciences.

So far more than a thousand samples from the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta have been analyzed, and of these only 4 have been found to be infected with foreign strains, but according to authorities there are still 9 more tests to be validated.

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