Tijuana is the city that loves tacos the most in Mexico.

Even though there was an increase nationwide, Tijuana was the city with the highest number of taco orders.

The taco is one of the main and most iconic dishes of Mexican gastronomy, it is enjoyed, loved and replicated all over the world. Consequently, as a result of the confinement, there was a 60% increase in taco orders on the Uber Eats app during 2020.

Even though the pandemic has kept us at home for a year now, it is clear that cravings have not been ignored by Tijuanenses, as Tijuana was the city that placed the most taco orders in all of Mexico. The most requested tacos were the famous asada and adobada tacos that are characteristic of the region.

It is clear that physical consumption in businesses decreased, but food ordering through platforms such as Uber Eats increased. According to a vote on the instagram account of this platform, the most ordered tacos nationwide were pastor tacos, then steak and cochinita pibil. Likewise, we can say that 2020 became the year in which more tacos have been ordered and being honest, no Mexican can live without eating a good taco a week.

We all have a favorite taco, since in Mexico there is something for everyone. Therefore, to celebrate that March 31 is the day of the taco, the image below shows the different types of tacos that exist. So tell us, what is the type of taco that describes your personality?

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