COVID-19 reproduction speed increases in Baja California

Five of the six municipalities are where the virus is being transmitted the fastest

Photo by: Laura Chamorro

With concern, the head of the Secretariat of Health in Baja California, Alonso Perez Rico, informed that the state is losing the battle against COVID-19 after registering an Effective Reproduction Rate (ER) of 1.19.

This means that one person with coronavirus in this territory can infect two more, which is not favorable, he explained.

The municipalities with the highest ER are Mexicali with 1.39 and increasing, San Quintin with 1.27, Tijuana with 1.13, Ensenada with 1.07 and Tecate with 1.01; the last three also with increasing tendencies.

With this panorama, the Secretary urged the population to continue taking care of themselves, since COVID-19 is still present in the region and so far "we do not have a cure" or any medicine to win the battle, he said.

As of today, there are 44 thousand 867 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Baja California, as well as 7 thousand 725 deaths. And although the number of active cases decreased to 246, new cases are expected to be registered after the recent Spring Brerak crowds, said Perez Rico.

"Unfortunately all the agglomerations we have seen in the last three, four days, are going to be represented precisely in this table of confirmed cases in these eight to ten days."

For the moment, Mexicali also reports the highest number of active cases with 114; following Tijuana with 93, Ensenada with 24, Rosarito with seven, San Quintin with four and Tecate with four.

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