Mexicali could be the epicenter of third wave of COVID-19: Secretary of Health

The state capital registers the highest Effective Reproduction Rate (ER) with rising trends

Photo by: Composición creada con foto de PIRO4D en Pixabay y Gobierno de Mexicali

The relaxation of measures and the agglomerations in Baja California, are what will cause an increase in active cases, attendance in fever clinics, hospitalized people, intubated patients, and therefore more deaths due to COVID-19, according to the Secretary of Health, Alonso Perez Rico.

"We are experiencing the last of the second wave, this is very favorable; however, we are preparing for the third wave".

This due to the fact that one of the most important indicators about this disease, the Effective Reproduction Rate (ER), continues to increase in the state, going overnight from 1.19 to 1.26; meaning that the virus can be transmitted from one person to two more.

"We are losing the war throughout the state," expressed the head of this dependency, who during his report pointed out Mexicali, San Quintin, Tijuana, and Ensenada were the municipalities that are not helping in the battle, by reporting an ER of 1.56, 1.33, 1.22 and 1.01 respectively; the first three with upward trends.

"If Mexicali keeps increasing this statistical data (ER), it will surely be the epicenter of the third wave in our terrain", assured Perez Rico, for which he asked the population of this and the rest of the municipalities not to relax hygiene and safety measures, as he indicated that "here the cases start, when it is reproducing more (the virus), transmission chains are being made, one person starts, two people, eight people; and those people start to arrive at the fever clinics".

At the same time, he mentioned that being vaccinated is not a reason to stop taking care of oneself, since it is possible to reinfect and infect other people. "The war will go on for a long time", he said.

In the last 24 hours Baja California registered 48 new cases and five deaths due to COVID-19, accumulating with them a total of 44 thousand 915 infections so far in this sanitary crisis, and 7 thousand 730 unfortunate deaths.

There are 237 active cases, of which 108 are concentrated in Mexicali, 85 in Tijuana, 27 in Ensenada, six in Rosarito, seven in San Quintin and four in Tecate. San Felipe remains at zero.

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