Baja California hospitals are prepared for third wave of COVID-19

Hospital occupancy rate for COVID-19 recorded this Saturday in the State is 22.96%

Photo by: Hospital General de Tijuana

The Secretariat of Health is monitoring hospital occupancy due to COVID-19, this after predicting that the third wave of infections will arrive in this territory at the end of April and beginning of May.

"We are preparing and conditioning our hospitals for the arrival of the third wave," said this morning the head of this agency, Alonso Perez Rico.

As of this Saturday, hospital occupancy is 22.96% in the state, with 595 beds and 226 ventilators available, to continue facing the pandemic.

"Let's hope that it (the third wave) does not arrive, let's hope that people are co-responsible, that the chains of transmission are cut, that we do not crowd these critical weeks that are coming", expressed the Secretary of Health, who added that, once the cases shoot up, they will not be able to decrease, so there will be severe restrictions and the entity will go to red traffic light.

In order to avoid a scenario similar to the one observed in Europe, Perez Rico asked to continue taking preventive measures and not to gather, since according to statistics, the next wave is more intense than the previous one.

In addition, the transmission of the virus in the region is becoming faster and faster, since the Effective Reproduction Rate (ER) is 1.23, which means that one person with Covid-19 can infect two more.

It is worth mentioning that at the municipal level, Mexicali, Tijuana, San Quintin, Tecate and Ensenada are "losing the battle" against the coronavirus, due to the fact that their ER is also above one: 1.24, 1.19, 1.13, 1.06 and 1.03, respectively.

The Secretary mentioned that, if this indicator remains above one when the third wave arrives, this last one will only cause cases to occur more acutely due to this synergy.

Added to this, he pointed out that we still have not paid for what was done during Spring Break, but "we are going to pay for it"; however, when that moment arrives, and in turn the third wave comes, "we are going to be in a disadvantaged situation".

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