Patrolling in Tijuana businesses will be reinforced due to the possible third wave of COVID-19

During the inspections carried out this weekend, the relaxation of preventive measures in several establishments was noticed.

Due to the new restrictive measures in public activities that began to be applied first thing this Monday, April 19 in Baja California, the Inspection and Verification Department will intensify its inspections with 80 inspectors in the nine delegations, where in total, there are 378 swap meets registered in the municipal registry, which for now are allowed to sell all types of products.

According to the agency, during the operation carried out during the weekend, it was noticed that in several fixed and semi-fixed establishments the health protocol measures have been relaxed after relaxing the measures during the Easter vacations, which may again cause changes in the life of society.

As part of this operation, a total of four closures were carried out, 24 fines to established businesses and 40 to over-water markets, for not complying with the sanitary measures imposed by the Secretariat of Health of the State.

Even though the municipality is subject to the indications of the Secretariat of Health of the State and every Tuesday it receives the update of the red lights in the city, the operations in this direction will be intensified, otherwise, it is probable that according to the mobility registered in the last two weeks it could go from a yellow traffic light to an orange one.

The Tijuana City Hall requests the population to comply with the sanitary measures for their benefit, such as continuing with the use of face masks, the use of antibacterial gel, the constant washing of hands and taking care of the healthy distance; otherwise, more severe measures will have to be applied and although the intention is not to harm the population, increases of cases due to COVID-19 must be avoided.

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