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Will non-essential crossings be allowed between Tijuana and San Diego this week? U.S. responds

A lot of information is circulating about whether the border will be reopened in May; here's all that is known about it

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Yesterday it was announced that essential crossings from Mexico to the United States would continue until May 21, so if you don't have a good reason to cross that is considered "essential" you will have to wait to find out if June will be the month in which we will be allowed to resume border activities.

In this regard, there are news reports that border life without restrictions may be restored as of this week: this is false and arose after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) made a tweet in which he informed Mexico's restrictions to non-essential land crossings from the United States, except for those in red and orange.

This implies that in Mexican States that had restrictions on States will be lifted if they are in yellow or green. For Baja California this does not make much difference, since U.S. citizens have never been restricted from entering.

However, this has generated doubts among citizens as to whether or not they can cross into the United States for tourism and recreation. On this, Edgar Ramirez, Attaché of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, stated this Tuesday, April 20:

"Mexican and U.S. citizens should avoid border crossings unless the purpose is deemed essential. For more information regarding what constitutes essential travel, please visit CBP's social media or website. We must insist: a global pandemic is NOT the time to go shopping, sightseeing, or visiting family across the border. And, please, migrating illegally in these times of pandemic and deadly heat is the worst decision! Stay home and stay safe."

Similarly, on April 20, DHS reported that the restrictions will remain in place until May 21: "To deter the spread of #COVID19 and protect our citizens, the United States continues to implement non-essential travel restrictions at our land borders through May 21, while maintaining the flow of essential trade and travel as we have for more than a year."

Likewise, CBP communicated yesterday that restrictions with Canada and Mexico will remain in place and that anyone attempting to cross without some essential activity to perform will be returned to their place of origin.

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