Seniors in Tijuana receive the wrong COVID-19 vaccine

The Secretary of Health assured that these adults will generate antibodies.

Photo by: Nataliya Vaitkevich en Pexels

The Secretary of Health in Baja California, Alonso Perez Rico, confirmed five cases of adults over 60 years of age who received a vaccine from a different pharmaceutical company during the application of their second dose.

The cases registered so far in the State occurred three in Tijuana and two in Mexicali, which means that instead of applying the Sinovac vaccine, Pfizer was applied as a booster.

In response to doubts as to whether this could affect adults, the head of this agency mentioned that, "fortunately Sinovac and Pfizer, which are the two vaccines with messenger RNA, are practically identical mechanisms of action", so they will generate antibodies without any problem, something proven in studies, according to what he commented.

He added that the mixture of vaccines has already been authorized in other countries, but not in Mexico, although the possibility of doing so is still being studied.

Perez Rico explained that after the application of a Pfizer vaccine, the person remains under observation for 30 minutes, and for Sinovac for 15 minutes, so he said that in neither of the situations an adverse or side effect occurred, but they will continue to be monitored.

Sinovac vaccination stops in Tijuana

On the other hand, the Secretary of Health informed that the application of second doses of the Sinovac vaccine in adults over 60 years of age will not be carried out this Sunday in Tijuana, due to the fact that the shipment coming from China is delayed. The vaccination is expected to resume next week.

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