Do you love spicy food? This Tijuana taquería will surprise you with its sauce

Although the sauce seemed harmless, chef Danny Betancourt got burnt with the first bite.

Taquería Los Poblanitos surprised chef Danny Bentancourt with its rustic, fresh and "harmless" salsa.

Priced at $24 pesos, Danny was encouraged to try two of their tacos, one of asada and one of chorizo.

After taking the first bite of the asada taco, the chef got a little quiet and then confessed that "the sauce was spicy. It was very spicy", since it is not only made in molcajete, but also had tomato and jalapeño peppers.

The spiciness left Danny so astonished, that he had to try the meat but only on its own, because in the first bite "the flavor was not so noticeable".

Unfortunately, when he tasted it again, he commented that it was not marinated, only peppered, and it was dry and tasteless. Therefore, this taco received a rating of 6.1.

Even the chorizo is spicy in this taquería located in Tijuana, so when fused with the sauce, it makes this taco quite intense. However, the chorizo taco received a 7.6 rating.

If you are a spicy lover and you dare to try the sauce of this taquería, find it at Avenida de los Insurgentes 666, Río Tijuana 3rd stage, exactly in front of Parque Morelos.

VIDEO: Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana "Los Poblanitos"


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