Avenue in Santa Fe will remain closed for 5 months

They will also carry out pothole patching, paving and resurfacing activities in different neighborhoods

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As of 9 a.m. on Tuesday, May 4, El Rosario Boulevard, in the area of Santa Fe, in the San Antonio de los Buenos delegation will be suspended, since the reconstruction with hydraulic concrete of this roadway will begin, according to the Municipal Government of Tijuana.

During the rehabilitation work, an entrance lane will be opened for drivers traveling through this main artery towards San Agustín, Campestre La Gloria or from Alejandría Street, and another one will serve as an exit lane for drivers coming from San Agustín, Urbi Quinta, Pórtico de San Antonio to exit through Aztlán Street, up to the gas station on Plan Libertador Avenue.

It should be noted that the avenue will be closed for a period of five months for the rehabilitation work, so drivers and the general public are asked for understanding and patience for the time these works are being carried out. It is important to use alternate routes to prevent setbacks.

Likewise, the Directorate of Municipal Works and Urban Infrastructure (Doium) will perform pothole patching, paving, resurfacing and storm drainage work in different neighborhoods of the Centro, San Antonio de los Buenos, Otay Centenario, La Presa Este and La Presa Abelardo L. Rodríguez districts.

For this reason, it is very important that the population is kept informed through official means of communication, since on many occasions they are unaware of the beginning or end of works and even about the improvements made to the roads they use daily, which causes traffic jams.

Aware that vehicular traffic causes delays to citizens to reach their destinations, the Doium seeks that residents of the delegations stated above or those who use them on their way through Tijuana, know in which areas the construction activities will be carried out and approximately how long they will last, so that they can take it into account when commuting.

There are 10 works to be executed during this month, among them, the resurfacing of Carrillo Puerto Avenue, better known as Third Street, where hot asphalt mix will be used to cover an area of 5 thousand 968 square meters. The work will be carried out in two stages, and in each of them two lanes will be closed with an alternate route on the same road.

Simultaneously, in the La Presa Abelardo L. Rodríguez district, work will be carried out in stage 3 of a storm drainage box in the Ejido Francisco Villa neighborhood, which, although it is true, will not require alternate routes to be taken, but caution is requested when traveling through the area, whether on foot or by car, in order to prevent possible accidents.

In the same area, the paving of 2 thousand 750 square meters of the old road to Tecate will begin; it will consist of two stages to allow the closure of two lanes in each one, in order to have an alternate route on the same road, as well as the paving of 3 thousand 133 square meters of Camino a Teotihuacán Avenue.

Paving works will also be carried out on Granados Street and Boulevard de Los Montes in the La Presa Este district, improving an area of 8 thousand 217 square meters. In the San Antonio de los Buenos delegation, where Rosario Boulevard, sections 1 and 2, will be paved, 34 thousand 500 square meters will be worked on.

In addition, Doium personnel will be working on the paving of Bulevar Flores Magón, 31 thousand square meters; while in the Otay Centenario district, the Volcán de Toluca ramp will be paved.

According to the Municipal Works and Urban Infrastructure Department, the estimated completion time of the works is between 90 and 120 days, since these are significant works and most of them are located in areas of high vehicular traffic, therefore, citizens are reminded to be attentive to the information on street closures in case it is necessary, as well as alternate routes to take precautions.

It should be noted that the rehabilitation of main arteries in the nine delegations of the city is important for the mayor, Karla Patricia Ruiz Macfarland, since the beginning of her administration, as it will improve road safety for thousands of Tijuanenses who daily transit through these roads.

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