When will classes resume in Tijuana now that teachers are vaccinated?

Authorities in Mexico have reported that classes could resume 15 days after the vaccination of teachers and teaching staff has been completed

Photo by: National Cancer Institute

When will classes return? This is one of the questions that come to the minds of Mexicans when they hear that teachers in some states have already had access to the vaccine. Regarding this, Mexican authorities have informed that classes could resume 15 days after the vaccination of teachers and teaching staff has been completed.

This was informed by the Secretary of Public Education, Delfina Gómez, who in a visit to Monterrey, Nuevo León, informed that the return to the classrooms will only take place when the conditions of the states allow the resumption of activities, something that the official qualified as "necessary" not only for learning, but also for the mental health of the students.

She specified that the ideal would be that 15 days after finishing the vaccination of teachers, it would be possible to start. However, the schools would have to guarantee the sanitary conditions so that students and teachers do not run the risk of getting sick due to the coronavirus. It is worth mentioning that so far there is no official date for the return to school.

According to figures from the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), more than one million teachers in 11 Mexican states have been immunized with the CanSino vaccine, created by CanSino Biologics Inc. and the Beijing Biotechnology Institute. One of these states is Baja California.

According to Delfina Gómez, the in-person classes would be taken on a voluntary basis and parents or guardians would have to sign a letter in case they agree to the minor taking classes in the facilities of the educational institutions. What do you think about this, are you ready to send the minors to classes?

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