Secretariat of Health will plan to vaccinate drivers in Baja California

The vaccination plan for this sector was already designed a month ago, said the head of this agency

During his report this Wednesday, the head of the Secretariat of Health in Baja California, Alonso Pérez Rico, commented that he will propose to the State Vaccination Committee the application of the drug to public transportation drivers.

This is because this is a sector that transports the population, so vaccination is important. In fact, the plan was designed four weeks ago, said the Secretary.

The census of drivers of cabs, cabs, trucks, etc; will be requested to the Institute of Sustainable Mobility (IMOS), to implement the plan afterwards.

Pérez Rico said that for the time being, in the next ordinary session of the Committee, the vaccination of firefighters and police officers of the State, of which the census corresponding to each municipality has already been requested, will be raised.

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