97% of Tijuana teachers have been vaccinated

Teaching staff received the Cansino vaccine

The Secretariat of Municipal Public Education (SEPM) reported that 97% of the teaching staff has been immunized with the Cansino vaccine against the coronavirus. The remaining 3% have not received the vaccine due to different medical conditions, such as medical treatments, illnesses or pregnancies.

The SEPM indicated that the immunization against the coronavirus covered all the personnel of the 14 schools in Tijuana, from administrators and principals to maintenance personnel, the latter who, during and until today, have not left the schools in order to prevent theft and looting in the schools.

However, the agency points out that vaccination is an important measure towards the new normalcy. Teachers are attentive to what the state health authorities indicate in the event of a possible change in the epidemiological traffic light for a return to classes, which would not be with 100 percent of the students, due to the reduced number of students in some areas and to maintain control of the students with strict protocols.

As for the schools, the Municipal System reports that during the pandemic they have not remained abandoned, but the school community has always been vigilant of the schools, as well as teachers who perform guards without interrupting the process of teaching and evaluation of students, as well as attending meetings with parents or providing support for regularization.

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