Facebook group created to expose "gaviotas" (gulls) at Tijuana-San Diego border checkpoints

"Gaviotar" (to gull) has caused several car accidents.

Photo by: Garita de San Ysidro - Tijuana en Facebook

The "gulls" are those who wait in line and get paid to let others get in line. Lately, "to gull" is more and more common at the Tijuana-San Diego border crossing.

Recently, a man who was "gulling" damaged the windshield of a lady who would not let him pass.

This activity is so frequent that, according to Marco Antonio Figueroa Lledias, Deputy Director of Municipal Transit, six "gulls" are detained per day.

Figueroa Lledias assures that the people who "gull" are presented before the municipal judge, the sanction can range from a fine and for repeat offenders up to 36 hours in jail at the Municipal Offenders' Center (EMI). Motorists, on the other hand, have their vehicles towed away.

Due to the fact that this activity is becoming more frequent, people created a Facebook group to expose those who commit these actions. Whether they do it in the pedestrian or vehicular line.

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