Construction of the Tijuana-San Diego toll gate will begin in July 2022

Work is currently underway to free up the right of way through the purchase of houses located in the area

Photo by: Ariday Ortega

In a press conference, the federal delegate in Baja California, Alejandro Ruiz Uribe, informed that in July 2022 the construction of the first toll booth between Mexico and the United States in Mesa de Otay, also known as Otay II, will begin.

For this project, there will be a mixed investment, between the federal government and the company that wins the bidding process, of more than 2 thousand 800 million pesos (on the Mexican side), in order to reduce waiting times in its normal lanes to less than 20 minutes.

It is worth mentioning that this project will cost the United States a similar amount, said Ruiz Uribe. "It is going to be a mirror project: what is done here, with the same type of design and everything, is going to be done on that side".

He added that currently the right of way is being acquired by buying houses to be able to expand the area, approximately 800 million pesos will be spent in this, which will be contributed by the federal government; while the rest will be destined by the concession holder.

He did not specify the number of houses that are being purchased, but said that they are only being offered an economic retribution.

Ruiz explained that every week they meet with Mexican and U.S. agencies, including the Tax Administration Service (SAT), to clarify the needs they have.

The money collected will be divided between the United States and Mexico, since the neighboring country will also have a toll booth.

In April of this year it was announced that Otay II, which will be located about three miles east of the Mesa de Otay border crossing, will have 10 lanes for light vehicles and 10 for cargo, but the lanes will be reversible, allowing waiting times to be significantly reduced compared to other international ports.

At that time it was also said that the cost could vary depending on the demand, which could reach between 12 and 15 dollars for light vehicles and up to 20 or 25 dollars for cargo trucks.

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