Mayor of Tijuana kicks off Security and Peace Week

Karla Ruiz MacFarland met with elements of the Army and National Guard

The Mayor of Tijuana, Karla Patricia Ruiz Macfarland, kicked off the Security and Peace Week that took place in the La Mesa Delegation, where elements of the Municipal Security and Citizen Protection Secretariat (SSPCM), National Army, National Guard and State Attorney General's Office (FGE), are currently working in coordination to promote strategies to inhibit criminal acts in this area of the city.

Around 10:30 a.m., the inaugural flag was raised in the Sanchez Taboada neighborhood, demonstrating that Tijuana continues to move forward by working to protect its citizens and patrimony.

Ruiz Macfarland expressed that it is necessary to continue restructuring the social fabric through the implementation of public policies with the objective of guaranteeing well-being, which is why we will continue to work together.

He indicated that the federal, state and municipal governments are committed to work together for the eradication of violence, urging the population to join efforts to move forward together.

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