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Reactivation of border crossings with Mexico would improve U.S. economy

Entrepreneurs with businesses on the U.S.-Mexico border find gradual lifting of restrictions positive

For months, the border chambers of commerce have been advocating for the reopening of the border because the restrictions have hit their economy hard and some businesses that depended mainly on Mexican tourists have been forced to close their doors.

Not surprisingly, one of the groups that has received the news of the reopening of the border is the entrepreneurs and merchants whose businesses are located on the border with Mexico. Jesús Gallardo, President of the Calexico Independent Chamber of Commerce, stated that the city was hit hard by the border crossing restrictions.

He stated that the U.S. government's donation of vaccines to Mexico represents excellent news, as it will be saving lives while rehabilitating border commerce, since close to 50% and 60% were lost with the restrictions.

In this regard, the Calexico Department of Finance reported earlier this year that hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales had been lost, so business owners and merchants saw a reopening of the border as essential.

And finally, after several months of expectation, it has been announced that these restrictions will be lifted at the end of July. This is taking into account that the conditions and the number of coronavirus infections remain the same or decrease.

So far what is known about the reopening of the border is that it will be gradual and everything seems to indicate that some type of proof of vaccination will be required. However, so far, it is only conjecture and U.S. authorities have not provided any information on this.

With information from IV Press

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