Elected governor Marina del Pilar receives majority certificate from IEE in Baja California

With this achievement, Marina del Pilar became the governor-elect with the most votes in the history of Baja California

This Tuesday, June 15, Marina del Pilar received the Majority Vote Certificate from the General Council of the Baja California State Electoral Institute, officially becoming the governor-elect of the entity and reaffirming her overwhelming triumph after reporting more than 542 thousand votes in her favor in the past elections held last June 6.

"From here my enormous gratitude to the people of Baja California who voted freely and overwhelmingly for my government proposal, I will not fail them," said the former candidate of the coalition "Juntos Haremos Historia en Baja California" (Together We Will Make History in Baja California) for governor, now legitimate Governor Elect of the Free and Sovereign State of Baja California.

Marina del Pilar pointed out that she has full conviction in the commitment made to the citizens, noting that, given the demand for accurate and timely responses, she reiterates that the postulates of the Fourth Transformation will be respected, especially those aimed at promoting the welfare and development of Baja Californians.

In this sense, she thanked the support of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, with whom she expressed that she will coordinate for the benefit of the state, since the president of our country has made public his appreciation for the people of Baja California, being Baja California the state where MORENA managed to win more positions, by winning the governorship, all municipal presidencies, as well as all local and federal deputies.

The Governor Elect of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda, also expressed her interest that "beyond our differences" there is unity among all sectors of society in the principles of social welfare, security for families, economic development, long-term sustainability, and the development of new opportunities for all those who inhabit the Baja California territory.

"It is time for reconciliation, teamwork, unity to move wills and obstacles, collective commitment to face challenges, the action of all to govern in search of welfare and opportunities for development," he said after receiving the certificate from the president of the General Council of the IEEBC, Luis Alberto Hernández Morales.

She added that she belongs to a new generation of politicians who maintain the principles that have made Baja California strong and vigorous, with the values of hard work, honesty, courage, respect, tolerance, solidarity, loyalty, freedom and justice, which are part of the idiosyncrasy of Baja Californians.

Finally, the Governor Elect of Baja California pointed out that there is strength in the legacy of previous generations, which will be applied to "create new jobs, new opportunities, new schools and hospitals to build, new roads to open, new crops to raise, more rights to defend and diverse struggles to wage to expand the welfare of our people".

It is worth mentioning that Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda was recognized by the electoral councilors, as well as by the representatives of MORENA and the Partido Encuentro Solidario (PES), who highlighted her triumph and expressed their commitment to collaborate with the next administration to build a better future for the state, and to make sure that Baja Californians do well.

Likewise, the electoral counselor, Olga Viridiana Maciel Sánchez, highlighted the fact that for the first time there were three female candidates for governor, and that it was a woman who won, which is a historic fact that is part of a national phenomenon, since there will be seven new female state governors as a result of the June 6 elections.

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