Mayor Karla Ruiz heads reforestation plan in Tijuana

The goal is to plant 40 thousand trees

Since Mayor Karla Ruiz Macfarland has been in office, several issues that had been left behind during the past administration have been activated. One of them is the reforestation projects, of which it has just been announced that the goal is to plant 40 thousand trees in Tijuana.

This initiative was announced on February 21st, when the Municipal System of Theme Parks (Simpatt) held a tree reforestation day in Morelos Park. According to the director of Simpatt, Moisés López Smith:

"The activities are part of the actions of the 60 day plan of the municipal president[...] in environmental care, in which twice a month around 50 volunteers from a Korean association, which seeks to support the environment, participate".

On that occasion, 850 trees were transplanted in the nursery area, and the oriental garden was reforested with 130 laurel rose bushes and 150 melaleuca bushes were added in an area known as cola de zorra (foxtail). Arturo González Ramos, who is in charge of the nursery area at Morelos Park and is also a member of the Mexican Association of Arboriculture, was in charge of this work.

For his part, Enrique González Olivas, the coordinator of delegations, affirmed this Wednesday that he is in charge of a reforestation project through which he plans to plant 40 thousand trees. He specified that it will be Simpatt who will donate this batch of plants, among which stand out the species of red brush, acacias, golden rain, casuarina pine, Monterrey pine, Brazilian linden, pingüica, melaleuca and washingtonia palm.

The hope is that these actions, undertaken under the direction of the mayor of Tijuana, will provide visitors with green spaces in optimal conditions.

Mayor Karla Ruiz has the well-being of Tijuana's residents as her purpose


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