AMLO assures that the U.S. will not accept vaccines with Cansino and AstraZeneca

The president said that to prevent the United States from denying the reopening of the border, he will only vaccinate with J&J and Pfizer in the cities that border with that country

Photo by: Composición creada con foto de Melina Veytia y Andrés Manuel López Obrador

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, stated that the United States will not accept the entry of people vaccinated against COVID-19 with other types of doses other than Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer, which are manufactured in that country.

According to what he said this Wednesday during his morning conference, this is the reason why only vaccines from these pharmaceutical companies are being administered in the cities located in the border strip.

"We cannot use any other type of vaccine on the border because in the United States, and I certainly do not agree with this, those who are not vaccinated by these pharmaceutical companies or with these vaccines are denied entry or are not accepted. So we do nothing if we vaccinate with Cansino or AstraZeneca at the border because they will tell us that the border is not open for that purpose", said the President.

It is worth mentioning that so far the United States is not requesting any proof of vaccination from citizens or residents or those who enter its territory for essential reasons, whether by land or air. In addition, the United States has not made any statement on the matter.

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