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San Diego Government will give $50 if you get vaccinated this Sunday

From the official website of the County of San Diego they announced this incentive

Photo by: Hakan Nural- Avinash Kumar

We had already talked about this: San Diego wants its inhabitants to get vaccinated, for this they have given away tickets for sporting events, shows and even to visit Disneyland amusement parks.

However, for today only, Sunday, July 18, 2021, they will be giving away a $50 incentive card in the State of California. This is a very good opportunity to earn extra money and also find yourself protected against the coronavirus:

“Sunday, July 18, is the last day to get vaccinated and receive a $50 incentive card in the State of California. If you are already vaccinated, encourage family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to get vaccinated before it's too late”.

Remember that the age to get vaccinated in the United States is 12 years and older and adolescents 18 years and younger must bring a signed parental consent form or be accompanied by a parent.

So if you are going to get vaccinated, don't forget to ask for your incentive card.

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