International travelers arriving to Mexico double in the middle of the third wave

Four million people entered the country in June, more than three for tourism purposes

Despite the fact that Mexico has several states in red and orange due to the increase in coronavirus cases, international travelers continue to choose our country as one of their favorite destinations, which is why the number of tourists has radically increased in the month of June alone.

According to Expansión, during the month of June, 4 million 886 thousand 357 international visitors arrived in Mexico, most of them with the purpose of vacationing in one of the Mexican states. In total, 3 million 121 thousand 312 people entered Mexico for tourism and entertainment purposes.

The above, in the midst of a third wave of coronavirus that is sweeping the country, however, there are those who argue that this is positive and that the local economy of the states will benefit, especially the tourism sector which has been one of the hardest hit since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to what was reported by Expansión, we are seeing an increase of 99.53% of tourists compared to 2020, while still not reaching the figures of 2019, when 7 million 790 thousand 336 tourists were reported in June alone.

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