Marina del Pilar attends meeting for transitional process as governor of Baja California

The objective was to establish a schedule of meetings to move the transition process forward

As part of the provisions of the Law of Transition and Reception of Public Affairs for the State, the transition team of the Governor Elect of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Avila, participated in a meeting with representatives of the outgoing government this Wednesday, August 18, in order to establish a schedule of meetings to move the transition process forward.

As part of the meeting that took place in the city of Mexicali, the liaison figures of the first areas that will participate in the Government Transition were announced, in order to begin the dialogue and define the key points for the handing over of resources and information.

The General Coordinator of the Liaison Commissions of the Incoming Authority, Catalino Zavala Márquez, pointed out that this was an approach with a view to achieving an effective coordination for the benefit of transparency and order in the process of handing over the government, seeking to strengthen the integrity of the state public administration, and continue with the work for the benefit of the population.

Among the points agreed upon was the establishment of a calendar to generate formal meetings for each agency starting next September, in order to integrate the delivery of documents and requests for information in accordance with the legal framework.

Zavala Márquez stated that the purpose of this Wednesday's meeting was to respect the provisions of the Law, in addition to the fact that the meeting was arranged by invitation of the outgoing Authority, for which reason he stated that there is a full interest in maintaining a dialogue and the best disposition between both parties.

Specifically, a reference was made to Article 13 of the Law mentioned above, and the commitment of the Incoming Authority to respect all the points included in the corresponding regulations was reiterated, expecting the collaboration and attention of the Outgoing Authority, watching over the general benefit of the State at all times.

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