Tijuana will build niches and a common grave for deceased immigrants

A space will be dedicated to them in the Municipal Cemetery number 11

The Tijuana City Hall announced, in collaboration with the Municipal Public Services Department, the construction of 300 initial niches (with an expansion to 8 thousand) and a common grave for the care of deceased immigrants with the purpose of providing a space for those who have died in the city until they are claimed by family members.

The head of Municipal Public Services, Juan Enrique Bautista Corona, informed that in the first stage of this project an initial investment of 2.4 million pesos will be allocated, which will consist of the construction of 3 thousand niches inside the Municipal Cemetery number 11, located in the Third Stage of the Tijuana River.

"During the first stage for the creation of these modules, a bidding process will be called at the beginning of September, so that we can start the urbanization works, with ground work, leveling the property, building platforms, roads, administrative offices and services in the land that has an area of 8 thousand 800 square meters", said the official.

Bautista Corona explained that this space will be used for the burial of bodies of unknown people, people who have suffered violent deaths, immigrants who have died in this city, who go to the common grave, which is why the project is intended to avoid the need to bury the bodies in the ground, which often have to be exhumed by their relatives, since it is a very costly process, especially painful for those close to them.

"We receive approximately one thousand 200 bodies per year from the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo), therefore, with this storage space we want to supply the common grave so they can be reused, so about 8 thousand niches are required, but we will leave 300 niches in a first stage so other administrations can continue," he added.

The director of Municipal Public Services said that they are about to finish the executive project to start the bidding for the first stage and start the construction of this space at the end of September.

It is worth mentioning that this type of project would be the forefront for the northwest of the country, since it only exists in the center and south at a national level, which is very important for this area, that is why they are looking for resources and a collaboration agreement with Semefo, as well as the State Attorney General's Office to continue with the creation of more modules and niches.


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