Tijuana Mayor Karla Ruiz stands out for her inclusion programs

At the beginning of her administration, the mayor pledged to achieve the integral development of all citizens

There are 46 thousand 489 people with disabilities living in Tijuana, of which 39 thousand and 50 have a motor impairment, 3 thousand 719 are visually impaired, one thousand 860 are hearing impaired and 1 thousand 860 are intellectually disabled.

In view of this, and with the objective of achieving the integral development of all citizens, as she promised at the beginning of her administration, the first woman mayor of Tijuana, Karla Patricia Ruiz Macfarland, has implemented different programs to make this a reality.

So far, she has not only promoted the participation and inclusion of people with disabilities, through works and urban mobility programs, but she has also developed conceptual projects through the Secretariat of Sustainable Urban Mobility (Semov).

"Ensuring universal accessibility, for the population in general, has been one of the main actions promoted by our municipal president, since there is a pressing need to build integral avenues and streets, which allow easy access to citizens, without any distinction and, with this, make effective the rights of people with disabilities," said the secretary of Semov, Christian Terán Durazo.

Specifically, 17 ramps have been built on Paseo de los Heroes Avenue and 46 adjacent to the SITT stations.

In addition, ramps at crosswalks, route information, Braille system location, tactile tiles and installation of appropriate signs have been created on the city's sidewalks.

They have also considered the creation of bus stops prototypes in certain streets and avenues, which should include a resting space for people with wheelchairs; likewise, appropriate signals were designed to identify the healthy distance protocol.

In addition, a virtual universal accessibility campaign called "Mobility without Barriers" was carried out, which sought to raise awareness among the population of the importance of not obstructing the way with garbage, vehicles or sales stands, and thus promote strategies that help transform the current exclusionary and discriminatory culture, and turn it into one that is open to tolerance and diversity.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Macfarland is interested in this sector of the population, as it will be recalled, a few weeks ago she visited the facilities of the Children's Rehabilitation and Inclusion Center (CRIT), located in the border city, recognizing not only their work, but inviting Tijuanans to come and see the services they provided, which are possible thanks to the joint effort between this institution and the participation of citizens.

VIDEO: Inclusion of children and youth among the priorities of Tijuana's Mayor Karla Ruiz

On another occasion, she also joined the Inclusive Children's Mini Olympics at the CREA Sports Unit, where more than 150 children and adolescents participated in 50-meter bike races, ball throwing, obstacle courses, frisbee and speed races. They also received toys from the Mayor of Tijuana herself.


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