Tijuana resident becomes stunt double for Hollywood's biggest stars

Damián Vázquez is a stuntman who will appear in at least four important productions in the last year

Photo by: Cortesía

Since May, San Diego Red published that Tijuana-born Damián Vázquez was succeeding as a stuntman in Hollywood and that he would be filming four movies in which he would work with internationally known actors. Months later, the actor has released details about who some of these celebrities were.

According to the Tijuana native, one of the actors was Nicolas Cage, whom he surprised by developing action scenes that were achieved thanks to a continuous work of 20 years of training. According to Vázquez, both the famous actor and the casting team and director were impressed.


"Being the stunt double of any actor who has been awarded an Oscar is the highest aspiration one can reach in front of the camera, he represents the best in talent, proven by the Academy, one for his part represents the same level in skills, I worked hard in recent years for this opportunity, I did not waste it," he said in a statement.

Vázquez trained in Tijuana in local gyms such as Reyes Gym, Entram Vale Todo and Sánchez Karate. In addition the stuntman has several certifications in the use of different types of firearms and knives and has a military training career as part of the International Tactical Operators Group in the position of Infantry Sub Officer.


Since arriving in Hollywood he has recorded three productions "How I Got Here", "Zeized" and "Hard Way Heroes". He has also worked with actors who have appeared in Avatar, 24, Fuller House, The Flight, Attendant and Mr. Robot.

It is worth mentioning that in honor of his work, Damián Vázquez, known as "The Cobra" among his friends, was honored with a mural in Tijuana's Libertad neighborhood, painted by artist Maik Jiménez and Alfredo Marín. If you want to know a little more about this actor you can enter the following page where you can see some videos that the actor makes constantly to share the experiences of his work.


Video: Tijuana stuntman to shoot 4 Hollywood movies


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