San Diego decress 'Mayor Karla Ruiz Macfarland Day' in honor of the mayor of Tijuana

The mayor of San Diego thanked President Ruiz Macfarland for her collaboration in resolving cross-border issues

Todd Gloria, Mayor of San Diego County, decreed this September 21st as "Municipal President Karla Ruiz Macfarland Day", with the purpose of thanking the Tijuana Mayor for her collaboration and participation during her administration for the benefit of both border cities.

Todd Gloria highlighted the opportunity he had to work in coordination with the first woman to assume a position of this level in Tijuana, and who always demonstrated her willingness to address the social and economic issues that affect the busiest border in the world.

Among the issues they faced together to improve the conditions of the citizens, the Mayor mentioned the strategies implemented to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that translated into donations to help the population.

He especially noted Ruiz Macfarland's concern for the child population, which led her to seek coordination with international organizations, such as UNICEF, to set up the first shelter in the city to receive immigrant children and adolescents who were not in the care of an adult.

She also highlighted her concern for the care of the environment, which she manifested through her reforestation programs to turn Tijuana into a green city. In this sense, he emphasized the joint work being carried out on both sides of the border for the installation of the first air quality monitoring network established in the municipality, in order to take measures to reduce environmental pollution.

Finally, Todd Gloria highlighted as another of Ruiz Macfarland's achievements, the binational meeting with women officials from both governments that she organized virtually, where she emphasized the importance of women's participation in cross-border issues. In her message, the mayor thanked the unconditional support she received from the mayor of San Diego and his team, as it allowed her to sow the seed for bilateral, and in constant coordination, to address social issues such as migration, the economy and the environment.

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