New wave of 60 thousand Haitians could reach Tijuana and other border cities

According to Panama's foreign minister, 60 thousand Haitian migrants and others from other countries are heading to the U.S. border

This Thursday afternoon, Panama's foreign minister engaged in a conversation with representatives in Washington, D.C. to discuss an issue that has preoccupied the United States in recent years: the migration issue.

He warned that there are about 60 thousand Haitian citizens aiming to cross the border into the United States and that they are already on their way from Panama, accompanied by other people in a migratorio status from different countries.

This means that many of them will seek to enter the United States through one of the Mexican border cities. One of these could be Tijuana, which has already begun to relocate immigrants to different entities in Baja California due to the fact that the shelters are full.

Likewise, last Wednesday Grupo Reforma announced the intention of several immigrants who tried to cross through Texas to relocate to Tijuana due to the mistreatment they received.

Likewise, U.S. authorities reported that since January of this year, there has been an increase in the flow of immigrants and they expected 85 thousand people to arrive at the border, of which 20 thousand have already crossed into the United States and thousands of others have been deported to their countries or returned to Mexico.

For the moment, there are no reported sightings of a new caravan in Mexico, but there are reports of Haitian and Central American immigrants crossing the border from Guatemala to our country every day, while shelters and migrant aid associations struggle to grant them their basic rights.

With information by Julián Resendiz for Border Report

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