Vaccine recipients of AstraZeneca could be denied entry to the U.S.

So far, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Moderna have been accepted by the United States to cross the border.

Less than two weeks before the reopening of the border between Mexico and the United States for non-essential travel, it was announced by the Secretary of Health in Baja California, that so far there are three confirmed vaccines that will be accepted to cross into the United States: Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Moderna.

According to the head of the agency, Alonso Pérez Rico, those people who were fully immunized with the AstraZeneca doses will not be able to cross until the guidelines to be followed for the non-essential crossing are made public and it is specified which vaccines will be accepted.

There is a dilemma with AstraZeneca and Sinovac, because they have commented that they will accept the AstraZeneca vaccine produced in London and not in India, the same with Sinovac, in this sense the WHO has endorsed these vaccines, I understand that for the time being they will not let AstraZeneca vaccines enter until a decision is made.

He explained.

At the same time, he recalled that for the moment it only remains to be pending of what the corresponding authorities say, since the closer the date of the reopening is scheduled for November 8, the more information will be released regarding how the non-essential crossing will work and which vaccines will be allowed.

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