After the rain Tijuana will reach 86°F (30°C) this week

Drastic weather changes will be experienced this week

Photo by: Magdiel Barragan on Unsplash

Tijuana is known for its drastic temperature changes in different areas of the city or in its entire area at the same time and this week will be no exception since after Monday's strong wind gusts and rains and low temperatures were present all day long, starting this Wednesday, October 27th, high temperatures will reign until this Friday.

According to The Weather Channel weather service website, this Wednesday temperatures will reach 80°F (27°C), tomorrow Thursday, October 28, they will reach 80°F (30°C) and the minimum range will be 14°F (14°C), while by Friday they will start to drop to reach 80°F (27°C) again.

The Halloween weekend will be colder, with Saturday having a maximum temperature of 68°F (20°C) and a minimum temperature of 55°F (13°C), while on Sunday conditions will reach 22°F (22°C) and have a minimum temperature of 11°F (11°C), being the second coldest day of the week besides Monday.

For next week, maximum temperatures will range between 69 °F and 75 °F (21 °C and 23 °C), while minimum conditions will remain between 50 °F and 60 °F (10 °C and 12 °C), anticipating a week with pleasant weather during the day and cool at night and in the early morning. It should be noted that these sudden changes in temperatures are the ones that favor respiratory diseases so we invite you to be well protected against these changes.

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