Governor Marina del Pilar starts mornings in Baja, California.

"Morning Wednesday with Marina del Pilar" will be the name of this communication project.

Marina del Pilar vila Olmeda, the Governor of Baja California, and members from the media partnered to deliver the first edition of a weekly morning conference that the Governor will conduct, titled "Morning Wednesday with Marina del Pilar," in which They spoke about advancements in the health industry and answered questions and doubts from the press during the event.

The president emphasized her administration's efforts to battle the Covid-19 epidemic, emphasizing the need to maintain stable active cases in the state and continuing efforts to break transmission lines.

In this regard, the Governor stated that, with the help of residents and their spirit of mutual protection, it would be possible to shift to the yellow epidemiological traffic light shortly and significant investments in medical equipment, supplies, and maintenance next year.

It should be noted that the head of the Ministry of Health, J. Adrián Medina Amarillas; of Education, Gerardo Arturo Sols Benavides; of the Treasury, Marco Antonio Moreno Mexia; and of Bienestar, Netzahualcóyotl Jáuregui Santillán, who supported the Governor to reinforce the responses to the media, were present at the press conference on Wednesday.

Marina del Pilar emphasized that significant debts with educational employees have been handled, with more than 400 million pesos set aside to cover the teacher's bonus for active personnel and the vacation bonus and exceptional payroll.

"We will be paying the November payroll to pensioners and retirees of the teaching profession with a total of 358 million pesos on November 29 and 30," he said, adding that the November payroll plus the salary increase to pensioners and retirees of the bureaucracy total 229 million 320 thousand 229 pesos."

In the same vein, the Governor stated that on December 3, retroactive payment of 118 million 856 thousand pesos would be made to retirees and pensions of the bureaucracy for the rise from January to November.

She also stated that on November 9, a teacher's bonus of 81 million 364 thousand 281 pesos was paid to retirees and pensioners and a vacation premium of 91 million 316 thousand 61 pesos retirees and pensioners in the bureaucracy.

Other topics discussed during the media meeting included the concrete actions being taken in favor of security in Baja California, as well as the internal work of the state DIF shelters, the creation of a responsible budget to address the challenges that Baja California will face in the coming months, and the attention to the migratory phenomenon and the programs of the Mexican government.

[The morning of November 24 in Baja California was summarized as follows:


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