The government of Marina del Pilar says that the December scheme would continue in Baja California

Teachers will continue to work with pupils from the campuses, as they did at the end of 2021

Following a rebound in Covid-19 infections, the Baja California Ministry of Education announced that basic level schools will operate as usual until December 2021. The agency's head, Gerardo Arturo Sols Benavides, explained that this is a precautionary measure to protect the population from the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is linked to the transmissibility of the omicron variant.

The educational staff, made up of teachers and administrators, will participate in the same scheme that has been implemented in recent months, utilizing digital technologies, on the basis that it is a key activity for the development of children and youth in the State, according to the official.

In this regard, he clarified that, following the establishment of the orange epidemiological traffic light for Baja California, only the schools that were in hybrid mode would be maintained in the same manner, while the rest of the schools that have distance classes would continue in the same manner, pending the Ministry of Health's guidelines, which will make the decision based on what the Scientific Committee that analyzes the evolution of the Covid-19 determines.

She also stated that the calendar of face-to-face return for secondary and higher education, which has been set for several days in February, will continue in place as long as the Scientific Committee permits.

The government of Baja California is in support of and ready to return to face-to-face classrooms when epidemiological conditions allow it, according to the official "We've been prepared for months and are on the side of mothers and dads. As a consequence, we'll use the digital tools we have to strengthen communication between instructors and pupils "which have yielded positive results.

Video: Marina del Pilar sends a message to Baja Californians before the 4th wave by Covid-19


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