Baja California registers 1,065 active Covid-19 cases

The state’s infections are still in decline

Due to the decrease in active and confirmed cases, the Scientific Committee is encouraging people not to lower their guard on their way to the new normality, which means to continue the use of face masks and social distancing.

Specialists stated that, though there has been a decline in infections, preventive measures are still needed, especially in enclosed spaces where there needs to be constant ventilation, CO2 measurement, and antibacterial gel usage.

They also stated that Baja California is currently under the orange traffic light. This means that all people have to take into account that non-essential shops and restaurants are at 50% capacity in order to avoid chains of Covid infections.


In the last 24 hours there were 294 confirmed cases. 151 in Tijuana, 49 in Mexicali, 57 in San Quntín, 28 in Ensenada, 8 in Tecate, and 1 in Rosarito. There were also 20 reported deaths: 8 in Tijuana, 7 in Ensenada, and 5 in Mexicali.

At the end of February 17, Baja California reported 1,065 active cases: 337 in Tijuana, 302 in Mexicali, 200 in Ensenada, 143 in San Quintín, 61 in Tecate, 19 in Rosarito, and 3 in San Felipe.

Of the total active cases in the state, 924 were in outpatients and 93 people required hospitalization. Currently, 48 patients are treated with ventilators, 95.90% of which were not vaccinated against COVID-19.

The Secretariat of Health reports 32.80% of patients with COVID, with general occupancy being 50.24%. When it comes to IMSS, it registers 28.27% of patients with COVID, and 58.81% for other issues.

Baja California has a total of 127,014 accumulated cases: 49,852 in Tijuana, 44,1777 in Mexicali, 18,556 in Ensenada, 4,447 in Tecate, 4,322 in San Quintín, 3,819 in Rosarito, and 1,241 in San Felipe. Unfortunately, during this same time frame, there were 11,797 deaths: 5,434 in Tijuana, 4,172 in Mexicali, 1,685 in Ensenada, 244 in Tecate, 203 in San Quintín, 45 in Rosarito, and 14 in San Felipe.

The Scientific Committee recommended people not to relax when it comes to protecting their health and their families. They reencouraged those over 30 years of age to get booster shots, which are effective in preventing serious cases of this disease.
Video: AMLO presides over press conference with Marina del Pilar


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