Cold at Big Bear California creates incredible natural landscapes with ice

This was shared on a Facebook group

Photo by: Miranda Culme-Seymour on Facebook

Winter at Big Bear Lake in California is synonymous with incredible landscapes created by snowfall, which covers in white trees, houses, and streets, and freezes its famous lake.

Many visitors and residents enjoy these views, which is why they take advantage of them to take beautiful pictures. This was the case of a Facebook user who shared pictures of something very peculiar which occurred in the lake.

Miranda Culme-Seymour on Facebook
Miranda Culme-Seymour on Facebook

The photographs were posted on Facebook group “Big Bear” where she shared that she was walking with her dogs when she observed these small “lumps” in the lake and decided to upload them. After causing quite a buzz with the members of this online community as they all wanted to know what they were, she posted an explanation.

She stated that it was grass covered by frost, which caused it to look like small icicles coming out of the lake. This is proof of the wonders nature is capable of with two objects as simple as grass and a little bit of frost.

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