With an approval rating of 68.2%, Marina del Pilar is ranked among the best governors in Mexico

Marina del Pilar is still in the top 3 Mexican governors with the highest approval ratings

Of the 32 state governors of Mexico, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, the governor of Baja California, continues to be one of people’s favorite, according to a new public poll made by pollster Demoscopia Digital.

In the new national ranking made in August 2023, Marina del Pilar got an approval rating of 68.2%, which placed her 3rd among the governors of Mexico just behind the governors of Hidalgo and Nuevo Leon.

Demoscopia Digital
Demoscopia Digital

Polls indicate that since November 2021, when the governor took office, Marina del Pilar has maintained an average approval rating of 66.5% regarding the following question: "Citizen of Baja California, do you approve of Governor Marina del Pilar's administration?"

Regarding the municipalities, Tijuana showed an approval rating of 61.8%, Tecate showed a higher number with 66.5%. Rosarito, meanwhile, showed an approval rating of 67.2% with Ensenada close behind with 67.3%. Lastly, the capital of Baja California, Mexicali, showed the highest approval ratings with 68.1%.

Demoscopia Digital
Demoscopia Digital

Marina del Pilar and her commitment with Baja California

Recently, the state governor was present at the 5th Presidential Address by the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, whom she has thanked for supporting several different initiatives to benefit the state.

After the damages caused by Hurricane Hilary, the governor was present by monitoring and addressing the needs of the most vulnerable communities, while also reiterating the work carried out alongside armed forces.

In the last few weeks, the goal has been to motivate people to play several different sports, especially among young people. One example of this initiative was the strengthening of the equipment used by the REMO state team: 10 boats were delivered with specialized technology.

Discopia Digital
Discopia Digital

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