Dog café "Guau Guau Taza de Café" closes in Tijuana

The business owner claimed that this was due to circumstances beyond her control

Tijuana is considered a city perfect for opportunities, due to the people who want to reach the American Dream or settle in this border city. However, there are several different reasons that can make this goal difficult and an entrepreneur in Tijuana is currently going through this problem.

“Guau Guau Taza de Café” has closed

A few months ago, a new pet friendly, dog-themed café that also offered a special menu for puppies, such as pizza and tamales, went viral.

Esmeralda Vega, owner of this place and who had the dream of opening this café, revealed on her official TikTok account that her dream was over for now as she had to close the coffee shop due to circumstances beyond her control.

In the video one can see her holding her dog as the text reads:

And here we are about to close the business of my dreams that I wanted you to love as much as I do. It is difficult to say goodbye to something you gave everything to and sometimes without having it all. We will miss you very much my GUAU GUAU TAZA DE CAFÉ coffee shop.

Tijuana natives want to help

After this video was posted, a user shared a screenshot of it in a Facebook group dedicated to promoting pet-friendly events in the city. His goal was that those interested could help or at least visit the shop in its last few days open.

Though there was a huge amount of support shown by this internet community, when they asked for the address or for a way to make it go viral so that it wouldn't close, Esmeralda Vega herself, on her Facebook account, thanked the interest and support, but revealed that, unfortunately, the coffee shop had closed yesterday.

She added that the closure date was scheduled for another day but due to circumstances beyond her control, they ended up closing before she planned to. Though it is unknown if Vega will try to make her dream come true again, internet users asked people in Tijuana to support Esmeralda's other project, which is a dog grooming salon: Guau Guau Eves Vera.

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