Municipal Administration of Tijuana has provided entrepreneurs with 170 million pesos in credits

At the 16th delivery of Fondos Tijuana, 245 credits delivered to entrepreneurs were approved

Mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, head of the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana, carried out on Monday, October 23, the 16th delivery of credits through the Tijuana Fund Trust, as such, adding more than 170 million pesos in aid to support entrepreneurs in the city.

Luis Cañedo Aguilar, head of the Secretariat of Economic Development of Tijuana (SEDETI), explained that on this occasion the delivery of 245 credits amounted to around 6 million pesos, of which 240 of them are part of the "Impulso al Autoempleo" program and 5 others are part of the "Emprende tu Futuro" program.

He added that since the beginning of this administration to today, more than 7,200 credits have been given to 7,200 entrepreneurs, which equals to a historic investment of almost 170 million pesos, compared to previous administrations.

"This means that thanks to mayor Montserrat Caballero we delivered 10 times more aid to citizens that have the least, that are looking to self-employ and become entrepreneurs, students who are always looking to move ahead. These credits are given directly, transparently, without middlemen, and this will undoubtedly help to build a Tijuana for everyone," the secretary said.

Representing mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, senior official of the Tijuana administration, Marcelo de Jesús Machain Servín, encouraged people to continue trusting this government of transformation and the results that benefit those who have the least.

"Let's not let ourselves be fooled. It is easier to get a microphone, make noise, and criticize what is happening, but there are lot of things that are happening for the first time in mayor Montserrat Caballero's administration and we must be proud. Proof of this is the Tijuana Funds that will help people who need it the most," Machain Servín underscored.

Among the people who will benefit from the 16th delivery of credits there are entrepreneurs with businesses such as food, Mexican snacks, clothing sales, and even a veterinary clinic, who thanked the trust and support by the 24th Municipal Administration of Tijuana.

The people who attended the delivery of this aid were councilor Rogelia Arzola Santillán, president of the Commission of Economic Development, Tourism, and Border Affairs; municipal treasurer, Raymundo Vega Andrade; general coordinator of the municipal cabinet, Jonathan Bañuelos Chagollán, the beneficiaries, and their families.

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