Savage restaurant in Tijuana offers a unique evening for Valentine's Day

Chef Rael Coronado presents his exclusive menu from Tijuana's wildest restaurant

A good way to get close to our loved ones is through gastronomy. A good restaurant will always be an excellent option to give someone a surprise. This can be an intimate setting where the fire that prepares the dishes also helps to envelope the end of conversations and laughter, among two or more people. Gastronomy is community and Savage is the place where one can meet and enjoy companionship like no other.

With a different approach, Savage is proposing an experience with dim lights, with a hanging garden which can be seen as people come and go; a variety of voices in the midst of the wild colors of Africa; low heat in the middle of a toast; a combination of scents; elixirs shared as a prologue or a conclusion; the fire increasing in intensity, flavors being enhanced, music in the background in an intimate, exclusive atmosphere, accompanied by the best gastronomic flavor that only Savage can offer.

Savage menu for Valentine's Day 2024

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Savage restaurant will have a special three-course menu that you cannot miss during the week of February 14, which will be made with fresh organic products of the region, carefully chosen to satisfy your palate.

This three-course dinner by Savage includes a first and second course that you can choose. The light dish can be either a smoked carrot soup, with a touch of chai oil, or a beet salad with burrata.

The main dish can be between half a chicken with roasted potato and a beef steak with roasted cauliflower and spinach puree.

Lastly, the third course will include a delicious chocolate Savage cheesecake made with caramel sauce, caramelized peanuts, chocolate petit fours and ganache, and it will be served with roasted peanut ice cream.

To complete this experience in Savage, there will be a live DJ that you can enjoy alongside a delicious drink from their vast mixology menu.


Choose your first course

Option 1: Smoked Carrot Cream

  • Basil pesto, sourdough, crème fraiche, dill oil
Picture: Víctor Rangel
Picture: Víctor Rangel

Option 2: Beet Salad with Burrata

  • Grilled beets, avocado puree, organic leaves mix, Meyer lemon vinaigrette, toasted hazelnut
Picture: Víctor Rangel
Picture: Víctor Rangel

Choose your second course:

First option: 1/2 Roasted Chicken

  • Parmesan risotto, roasted mushrooms, bird reduction
Víctor Rangel
Víctor Rangel

6 oz Beef Steak

  • Spinach puree, roasted cauliflower, beef reduction
Picture: Víctor Rangel
Picture: Víctor Rangel

Third Course

Chocolate Savage Cheesecake

  • Chocolate ganache, caramel sauce, caramelized peanuts, chocolate petit fours, roasted peanut ice cream
Víctor Rangel
Víctor Rangel

Price per person is $900.00 pesos ($53 dollars) and it includes a courtesy drink.

Savage, an intimate and exclusive space

Savage restaurant is born from an idea by chief chef Rael Coronado who is looking to offer Tijuana a modern and fresh gastronomic concept with exotic touches. This state-of-the-art concept goes hand in hand with a mixology proposal, where several diverse combinations stand out.

Chef Rael Coronado
Chef Rael Coronado

An outstanding Savage feature is its exclusivity. It is an intimate space with a wild theme, somaking a reservation is recommended. Chef Coronado has said that its capacity to receive clients has been carefully managed in order to give patrons a feeling of gastronomic exclusivity.

This restaurant is located at Blvd. Aguacaliente in the middle of Todos Santos y Licobar, near Plaza Chapultepec.


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