Erik Morales will be in the ring once again against Danny Garcia

Superlight weight championship belt will be at stake

After all the trouble from a positive result of an illegal substance, Erik Morales will finally climb up to the ring tonight to dispute the superlight weight titles of the WBC and WBA at Barclays Center arena.

On Wednesday night the news of Erik "El Terrible" Morales testing positive for a doping substance ran like wild fire.

He actually tested positive on three tests that were performed on him, which came back with the substance clembuterol, however there were a lot of reasons given of why the substance may have appeared in his system.

According the information obtain by, Morales tested positive to clembuterol, due to the fact that the fighter had consumed it with by eating meat that was tainted with that substance, but the amount was very minimal that when the USADA performed another test a second time, the fighter's system was free of the substance.

After giving that explanation of why he tested positive, and also after results that came back now negative, everyone including Garcia were satisfied with that, in which Morales also committed to doing more tests if necessary or needed.

Now thanks to the outcome of these results, Morales at his 36 years of age will dispute a title once again in the superlight weight division, in a rematch fight against the current champ Danny Garcia, who in last March Morales was beating by in a close fight, but Morales also had just came back from a gallbladder operation, and still fought that fight out of pride

If Morales loses this fight tonight, it might be the last time that he will be seen in a main event fight in the United States, but only Morales and his boxing skills and technique will be able to determine that.

Video : Press Conference of the Event



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